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Grasping at Eternity (The Kindrily Series, #1)Leave it to Maryah Woodsen to break the one rule that will screw up eternity: Never erase your memories.

Before entering this life, Maryah did the unthinkable—she erased. Now, at seventeen years old, she’s clueless that her new adoptive family has known her for centuries, that they are perpetually reincarnated souls, and that they have supernatural abilities. Oh, and she's supposed to love (not despise) Nathan, the green-eyed daredevil who saved her life.

Nathan is convinced his family’s plan to spark Maryah's memory is hopeless, but his love for her is undying. After spending (and remembering) so many lifetimes together, being around an empty version of his soulmate is heart shattering. He hates acting like a stalker, but has no choice because the evil outcast who murdered Maryah in their last lifetime is still after her.

While Maryah’s hunter inches closer, she and Nathan make assumptions and hide secrets that rip them further apart. Maryah has to believe in the magic within her, Nathan must have faith in the power of their love, and both need to grasp onto the truth before they lose each other forever—and discover just how lonely eternity can be.

X-MEN meets MY NAME IS MEMORY in Karen Amanda Hooper’s latest young adult release.

With it's shockingly brutal opening, Grasping at Eternity captured my attention, and held it. Poor Maryah has lost everything. She's constantly hit with moments of deja vu. Her dreams are invaded by a dream guy. Maryah soon learns that her dream guy is real and but so much of what she thought was her life, isn't.

 Maryah was an easy heroine to embrace. Her pain at losing those she loves the most was consuming and realistic. Her hesitation to move on after tragedy was believable. Nathan is protective and loving, and thankfully not overbearing. His torment over losing his love was aching. And though the story mostly revolves around Maryah, I found my heart to lie more with Nathan. The supporting characters of Grasping at Eternity were well-served. They had just enough side story to make them interesting, and they worked to help move the story forward.

I love when I find a story that involves an otherworldly aspect that is new or different to me. I will say that I was a bit confused through the first half of the story because I, like Maryah, didn't quite know what was going on. I'm not typically a reader that likes huge information to be withheld. Once I did learn what was going on, though, my enjoyment level went up. The Kindrily world that is built in Grasping at Eternity is enchanting, ethereal and romantic.
This is the second book of Hooper's I've read and I've found each to be well-written and enjoyable. Grasping at Eternity was lovely. I did find the story to be a bit slower-paced in the middle, but the last portion of the book was full action and revelations. I will definitely read book two of the Kindrily Series, Taking Back Forever, to find out what happens next.
Favorite Quote:

" 'Count four stars east of the last star in the belt, then three stars back, and one star diagonally south. That's me.' I wanted to add, the empty space beside me is where you belong."

Published May 25, 2012 by Starry Sky Publishing

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Karen Amanda HooperAuthor of YA paranormal and fantasy. TANGLED TIDES by Rhemalda Publishing (11/25/11) GRASPING AT ETERNITY (Book 1-The Kindrily Series) by Starry Sky Publishing (5/25/12) I was born and bred in Baltimore, frolicked and froze in Colorado for a couple of years and I'm currently sunning and splashing around Florida with my two sweet and adorable dogs. I'm addicted to coffee, chocolate and complicated happily-ever-afters. (from GoodReads)

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  1. This sounds like an interesting and great book!! I love the cover and the premise! Great review chick!!

  2. I've been wondering about this book. Glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Ooh! That cover and title is just gorgeous!

  4. Haven't heard much about this one but I really like that quote!!

  5. Gorgeous cover. Glad you enjoyed it. :D

  6. Thanks so much for reviewing GAE! :) I love the quote you chose. <3

  7. Love the premise on this one! I'm intrigued by the concept of memory loss on an immortabl. Looking forward to your review of #2!


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