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Review ~ Dante's Girl (The Paradise Diaries #1) by Courtney Cole

Dante's Girl
I have spent every summer since I was ten years old with my father in London. Every summer, since I was ten years old, has been uneventful and boring.

Until this year.

And this year, after a freak volcanic eruption strands me far from home, I have learned these things:

1. I can make do with one outfit for three days before I buy new clothes.
2. If I hear the phrase, “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto,” even one more time, I might become a homicidal maniac.
3. I am horribly and embarrassingly allergic to jellyfish.
4. I am in love with Dante Giliberti, who just happens to be the beautiful, sophisticated son of the Prime Minister of a Mediterranean paradise.
5. See number four above. Because it brings with it a whole slew of problems and I’ve learned something from every one of them.

Let’s start with the fact that Dante’s world is five light-years away from mine. He goes to black-tie functions and knows the Prime Minister of England on a first name basis. I was born and raised on a farm in Kansas and wear cut-off jeans paired with cowboy boots. See the difference?

But hearts don’t care about differences. Hearts want what they want. And mine just wants to be Dante’s girl.

My heart just might be crazy.

OhMyWord. I loved Dante's Girl!

From the moment I met Reece, I adored her, much like Dante. And really, what's not to love? Reece is as natural and realistic as they come. She was friendly, open, funny, and I honestly had no idea what she would say at any given moment. Her inner freak-outs were hysterical. Her honesty was refreshing. The girl is straight-up no BS. She'll do anything for boy she loves, but she will not play games or settle for less than what she deserves.
"He's either going to be true to me or we're not going to happen. I love him, but I deserve to be loved back." (ebook, 63%)
What a fantastic girl! I wishwe had more characters like Reece. She is truly a force to be reckoned with.

As for Dante, the object of Reece's affection.  Dante isn't a Prince, but he's close enough. He's that dreamy boy we've all dreamed about (mine was Prince William), but sadly, 99.9% of us never find. He's courteous, generous, loyal. Did I mention that he's Adonis-style handsome?
" 'You're the handsomest person in the world,' I announce. 'I don't care if it's a word or not. You are it, one way or another.'" (ebook, 45%)
Dante's only flaw is trying to please those he loves, even when it makes him unhappy. I can think of worse things. Dante is determined to be with Reece. He'll go to whatever lengths it takes to make her happy. <happy sigh...>

How beautifully romantic is it to imagine being taken to a gorgeous island in the Mediterranean, amongst centuries-old architecture, olive groves, and the sea? Courtney Cole did a wonderful job of painting a gorgeous picture. The rolling hills, the winding roads, the sand... I almost felt as if I were there. It was like a mini-vacay for my brain.

Dante's Girl was such a fun, fast-paced read. It's actually the perfect story for a lazy summer afternoon. And the story, like I said, it appealed to the girl in me who always imagined being whisked a way by a Prince (or the son of a Prime Minister). But you know what else? It simply appealed to me as the lover of an awesome story. Dante's Girl was funny, it was romantic, and it was a true delight. I can't wait to read the next installment of The Paradise Diaries.

Favorite Quote:

" 'I'm sorry,' he says. 'Please don't go home. I feel like I have this chance - this chance to do what I'd really like to do with someone who I really like. I don't know how to go about it, but I'd really like for you to show me.' " (ebook, 51%)

"I rest my head against the stone tiles behind me and add more water to the huge, deep tub. And then more bubbles. Because a sad girl deserves bubbles, dang it. And my bubbles keep popping. And isn't that a great analogy for life right now? My bubbles keep getting popped.
Sigh." (ebook, 63%)

Published June 24th 2012 by Lakehouse Press

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Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I have been meaning to get to this one. It sounds really great. Awesome review!!

  2. I'm so glad you liked this too! Such a lovely story! :)

  3. Great review. This is such a good book.

  4. Never heard of this one but it sounds interesting. Great review!

  5. Dante's Girl is another one of my books that I read(immediately when it came out) and has stayed with me since. I knew from reading the first chapter that I would fall in love with this book and everything in it. The characters wer relatable, the setting so perfect, there was even some suspense in between all those swoon worthy moments. All these reviews are making me want to reread this. Lol. Seriously Dante's Girl is a book that I will forever love and I can't wait for more of the Paradise Diaries.

  6. this was a really cute book. Loved it too. :) totally agree, great lazy summer read.

  7. I have been seeing this everywhere, and it's been all rave reviews. I'm going to add it. And I love the cover too.

  8. I am so excited to read this!!

  9. This is an amazing novel synopsis! It's hilarious! How can someone NOT want to read this after such a great intro?

  10. i also really liked this book. It was SO cute. Very modern day fairy tale

  11. Really want to read this! Sounds very interesting! New follower!

    ~Kendra Malcom

  12. Oh the bubble quote is one of my favorite!!



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