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Review ~ THOUGHTLESS, by Jacqueline Gardner

Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)
When Bridget finds a dead cheerleader in the janitor’s closet, she becomes the killer’s next target. High school just got worse. It’s bad enough that she can hear the shocking truths that pass through her classmate’s heads. Now she has to worry about staying alive, and all clues point to the one person whose thoughts she can’t read - her boyfriend Terrence. Someone is taunting her, threatening to expose her secret. And when Bridget tries to single out her blackmailer, she’s nearly beaten to death by a mind controlled minion with fiery eyes. But when Bridget finally comes face-to-face with the killer, suddenly a horde of brainwashed students programmed to destroy her life doesn’t seem so bad.

THOUGHTLESS is the story of Bridget, a seemingly normal high school student with a big secret, she can hear the thoughts of others. Bridget is often overwhelmed and spends much of her life avoiding others, trying to save her sanity. The only one who know her secret is her mom. But when Bridget finds the body of a cheerleader in a supply closet, her secret is no longer safe. The killer has targeted Bridget and her new friend Rory. Oh and her new boyfriend, Terrence? He's the only person whose thoughts Bridget can't hear. Coincidence? You decide.

So, I liked THOUGHTLESS. The story starts off with a dramatic incident, murder, and keeps a quick pace throughout. I'm a sucker for books with teen murder mysteries. The main character, Bridget, is a sweet, relatable character. Except for the whole "hearing thoughts" thing she has going on. She's a tenacious girl, with trying to find the killer, but I didn't find her running into danger as annoying as in a lot of the books I've read. I also liked her friend and cohort, Rory. He was the voice of reason for Bridget, and a genuinely good guy.

As for Bridget's "boyfriend' Terrence? I didn't get that. He's the school hottie. Terrence is handsome, charming, and British. But his character felt so flat, for me, that I didn't see the appeal. Their relationship wasn't insta-love, thank goodness. But to have a few half-dates and some awkward moments and call it a relationship felt like a bit of a stretch.

The background of Bridget's abilities is explored.  I was happy with what is revealed The lore is completely cool and nothing that I expected. And the author did a great job of setting the story up for a second book.

If you enjoy a paranormal young adult story that's a quick, easy read, THOUGHTLESS may be perfect for you.

Favorite Quote:

"I finallly turned my head and witnessed a long line of policemen. They were watching a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance. A white sheet covered the body and all I could see were white cheerleading sneakers." (ebook, 5%)

Published February 28th 2012

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  1. I have this and haven't gotten to it yet. I turned it down for review because I just have too many review books, but I did end up getting the book from Smashwords so I can read it later when I have more free time. It sounds good. Thanks for the fab review chick!!

  2. Hm, curious about this one. I remember seeing it somewhere before and passing on it but if it's free on Smashwords I think I'll pick it up. If I like it I'll buy the 2nd one. :D

  3. Great review! I am wondering, though -- after Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse, has the I-can-read-everyone's-mind-except-that-of-my-love-interest become overdone?


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