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SKID OUT Music Madness Giveaway Blog Tour!

Welcome The Bookish Babes' stop on the SKID OUT Music Madness Blog Tour and Giveaway!                                                    I have to say this is one of the coolesy tours I've seen or taken part in. The SKID OUT Tour has books, music and an insane giveaway. So, hold on and enjoy!
Skid Out (Heavy Influence Trilogy, #0.5)A novella prequel to the edgy Heavy Influence Trilogy about young, intense and reckless love between a rising rock star and his younger muse. Follow their journey through temptation, deception & forbidden love.

17 year old high school senior, Jake Masters, front man of a rising rock band, finds new interest in his younger freshman next door neighbor Alyssa Montgomery. Their relationship breaks hearts; stirs jealousy and band infighting. When they’re brought to new found awareness of body and soul, will rightful boundaries be crossed? Will the right decisions and choices, which are detrimental to the band and its future, be made through the haze of infatuation? Will Jake’s absences on the road lead to another filling his shoes? Jake and Alyssa’s lifelong friendships are strained and tested; secrets are kept, admitted and shared. Family bonds are broken, as others grow stronger. Who knew a first love could cause so many problems? Then again, in their eyes, there are no problems as long as they’re together. In the end, will his new found muse bring down everything he’s worked so hard to achieve or will she inspire positive creative change; that will carry him and his band to stardom.                    ~From GoodReads

Combining two of my favorite things ever, music and books, SKID OUT was almost sure to please me. And then add in the elements of this story: an up-and-coming teenage rocker, the sweet girl next door, and the outside forces that will surely try to keep them apart. I had a feeling this story would rock my world. It. So. Did.

SKID OUT is centered around Jake and Alyssa. Jake is a teenage rocker who is destined for major success. Alyssa is the girl next door that Jake has always seen as a kid, until the summer day they cross paths and he realizes Alyssa has grown up. Alyssa is totally unlike the girls who follow Jake and his band. And Jake, just by a look or a touch of his hand, brings about an awakening in Alyssa she's never known before. Will they keep their distance? Or will Jake and Alyssa take a chance?

I didn't realize until I was writing this that SKID OUT only takes place one day in the lives of Jake and Alyssa. Author Ann Marie Frohoff packed so much energy, so many feelings into this short story, that it felt as if I had read a full-length novel. I could not get enough of this story. The characters, their dialogue, actions, and emotions were so real and gritty. And, oh my gosh. I freaking loved the dialogue!  Frohoff blew me away with the words of her characters. It was spot-on perfection. I couldn't get enough.

With it's engaging characters and the anticipation that was steadily built throughout, SKID OUT was a fabulous teaser for a series I am dying to read. Seriously. I need book one, FIRST KISS, yesterday. FIRST KISS, and the HEAVY INFLUENCE trilogy has now become one of my most anticipated books/series of 2012.

FIRST KISS, book one in the HEAVY INFLUENCE TRILOGY is set to release Summer 2012.

Favorite Quote:

"He looked through his hands and caught me staring at him. I didn't move. Reaching over he touched my arm, tracing it with the tips of his fingers all the way to my hand and held it." (pg. 42)

Kindle Edition, 56 pages
Published September 12th 2011
You can purchase SKID OUT at:
Amazon  for $0.99
*Included in the purchase price, this novella comes with an original song as printed on the pages of the book. To receive your Mp3 download of "Transpose" by Bad Suns, please email your order receipt number to: and it will be promptly sent!
You can find author Ann Marie Frohoff at:
Author Ann Marie Frohoff is holding an awesome, and generous giveaway. The Prizes are:
  •  An ecopy of SKID OUT
  • An mp3 of Transpose, by Bad Suns, featured in the book.
  • A CD/eDownload of either Dead Country tunes or Lights Resolve album
  • A $25 Amazon GiftCard!
Ann Marie is also holding a giveaway for a KINDLE FIRE at her blog!

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  1. I am a music freak but my favorite song right now is probably My Darkest Days - Casual Sex.. it's just super catchy and I have it on my phone.

  2. I don't know what my favorite song is right now. I like a lot of different stuff. I absolutely love Adele, and Florence and the Machine. I don't think I really have a favorite song.

  3. Great giveaway! Looking forward to reading this!

  4. Favorite current song is "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People. I also am constantly getting "Save Me San Francisco" by Train stuck in my head.

  5. Well...She is all over the radio but I am in love with Adele. Her "Rolling in the Deep" performance at the Grammy's was so impressive. I was in awe. Whenever I hear that on the radio, I can't help but get up and move my fanny.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  6. I don't listen to music much, so no favorite song.


  7. Right now I'm really liking Big Blue Wave by Hey Ocean.

  8. Right now I can't get enough of Champagne by Cavo.

  9. Thanks for hosting this Giveaway, Andrea! I'm super stoked you loved the book! Your review made me want to cry! It means so much to have people love your work that you've put so much into! I look forward to sharing the rest of the books in the series, the music and the music videos :) Best - Annie

  10. My friends want me institutionalized, hubby thinks I am going through a phaze.. I am like whatever.... my favorite song at the moment is Drowning Pool, Bodies!! I am also listening to Coal Chamber and Demon Hunter.

  11. Right now I'm listening to Fire Escape by Civil Twilight.


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