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Welcome to today's stop on the All's Fair in Vanities War blog tour.  I have a guest post from author Elizabeth Marx, followed by a giveaway of the book, along with bookmarks. Enjoy!

Top Ten Celtic Gods

1. Ankou is the death omen. He is a tall haggard looking figure with long white hair or a skeleton with a revolving head that sees all. He collects the souls of the dead and puts them into his spectral cart that two ghostly figures pull on foot.

2. Belenus is one of the most widely worshiped Celtic deities. The great fire festival of Beltane on May 1st is to commemorate him, and cattle are walked through pyres to cleanse and protect them before put out to pasture for the summer. His name means bright, brilliant, or shining one. Belenus or Bel is not a sun god; there is no evidence of sun worship of any kind among the Celts, where the day began at sunset.
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3. Cernunnos is known as the stag lord or the great horned one. Because he is half-man half-stag he is usually portrayed seated and crossed-legged and surrounded by other animals, especially the snake. There are no snakes in Ireland because Cernunnos took them from Ireland and uses them at his will. He carries the snake in one hand representing knowledge and in the other the torque, the symbol of Celtic nobility in the other. He says things like, “I am the fair among the flowers.”

4. Dis Pater is the god of the underworld and would be the modern equivalent to our devil. Although in ancient to be the guardian of the underground meant you were quite wealthy as that was where gems and resources where buried.

5. Genii Cucullati are called the hooded ones because all you can see of their faces are their blue-black eyes and jagged teeth. They are flesh eaters whose black tongues emit the scent of rotting meat. They speak in a language older than Gaelic and are usually depicted as a triad of either males or females.

6. Intarabus is a god depicted as a beardless man with long hair draped with a wolf skin. His name means between two rivers.

7. Lugus or Lugh is the god of creation and learning. His name means to swear an oath and he is the god who defeated Balor the Evil Eye. He is known as a great leader of men and fearless.

8. Luxovius is the god of a city’s water. He is the deity of light and curative waters two elements that are linked in Celtic mythology. He is often depicted as a water wheel.

9. Oengus is the divine son and the god of youth, an eternally youthful spirit found at Newgrange. He is usually portrayed as a lover and a trickster.

10. Sucellus is the god of love and time. He was powerful and widely worshiped throughout the Celtic world. He reigned over agriculture and alcoholic drinks, and is often depicted with a mallet and libation saucer indicative of his power to protect and provide. He is often shown with a cask of wine symbolizing his serving at OtherWorldly feasts.

(My apologies to Ms. Marx, who had provided pictures to accompany the descriptions. My internet and computer have had major issues, and I was unable to attach the pictures.)


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  1. I love learning about Keltic and Greek gods it's fascinating really. I just started this book this morning! :D

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Irish myths? Way cool! Fascinating stuff! And the cover of this book looks awesome!

  3. This sounds like a pretty interesting book. I haven't really heard too much about this book yet, but I like the sound of it.


  4. Aw, sweet! Interesting info. Sounds like a great book!

  5. Thank you for sharing this intriguing info. I had to copy it for later reference when I get confused,which if you as anyone in my household happens quite often LOL I fell in love with All's in Vanities War the moment I saw the cover. Frankly I think the artist is a genius. I look forward to reading the story and learning how it plays out and certainly appreciate the opportunity to win a copy of this very lovely book :)

  6. I dont know if I would want to be the god of love and time. It seems like it would be a ton of work.. Do you think since he manages time, he would be a quick lover? That might not bode well for the ladies.. just saying. lol


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