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Review of Marooned, by PJ Druce

Marooned (The Communion Wars)

High above the streets, the skyscrapers in the cities of the American Union exude wealth, luxury, and for the privileged few, immortality. Those with the means to take Communion are immune to the diseases and risks that ravage those who live outside the city walls. While life is a struggle for the less affluent, their existence is subsidized by the rich. Food and medicine are cheap, transportation is free–and for those with needed skills–indentured servitude to the wealthy or to the government can buy your own expanded longevity. They are two different worlds, and those above and those below share little in common except for one thing: A love for the Professional Seeder matches, where immortal combatants fight until only one is left standing.
With two weeks left before her sixteenth birthday, Punk Jordan lives out the last days of her mortal existence by competing in underground Seeder matches where only the best martial artists excel and the rules stop the moment the match begins. The daughter of William Jordan, founder of the company that makes the Communion drug, Punk’s elevation to immortality is guaranteed and a life of fame and wealth on the professional circuit awaits. But when those closest to her–including her own mentally ill mother–turn out to be part of a heretical anti-government movement, her comfortable life is shattered. To protect those she loves the most, Punk flees the only home she’s ever known and is forced to make choices that weigh family against compassion, privilege against promises and love against immortality itself. (From GoodReads)

My Review

Marooned is the story of Alyssa “Punk” Jordan. Punk, although of a higher, wealthy social status, is an unhappy girl. Her mom has severe emotional problems. Her dad, a powerful political player, is controlling and unfeeling towards his wife and daughter. Punk and her mom are virtually prisoners to her father’s agenda.  It’s no wonder Punk spends her time fighting in fierce matches. When the illusion of Punk’s world is shattered, she must contend with learning the harsh truths. Betrayal seems to be around every turn. Everything she knows to be true is steadily being ripped away. And Punk must find her way in a world she doesn’t really know anything about.

Marooned offers a bleak, futuristic look at an urban society. Most people live their lives high above the ground, never even walking down there. Immortality is a given for the wealthy. Lower classes can earn an extended lifespan by becoming “Indentures”. Those who are less fortunate must contend with disease that can be eradicated, if you are of the right social status. But, all the medical  “advances”  come with a price. There is action, adventure and deception. And Zombies. Yep, Zombies. Turns out, you can’t screw around with people’s brains with no consequences.

In Marooned, author PJ Druce has built a complete, harsh future that has plausibility. I really appreciate that he applied scientific reasoning to the abilities that his future shows. Marooned is a smart, entertaining read.

Favorite Quote:
“…but everyone I know calls me Punk. Whoever that Alyssa girl is, well, I don’t know her and she certainly doesn’t know me. We’re both better off that way. If we ever met I’d probably kick her ass.”

Marooned Book Trailer

Kindle Edition
Published July 28th 2011 by Gryffynperch Books

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*I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.*

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