Monday, June 20, 2011

Review of Try Me by Parker Blue

Try Me (Demon Underground #2)

This part-demon teen vampire fighter and her faithful terrier hellhound are once again patrolling the dark city streets of San Antonio, Texas. Val's hunky human partner, Detective Dan Sullivan, is giving her the cold shoulder since she beheaded his vampire ex-fiancée. Vamp leader Alejandro is struggling to keep the peace between vamps, demons and humans. The mucho powerful Encyclopedia Magicka has been stolen, someone in the Demon Underground is poisoning vamps, and Val's inner lust demon, Lola, is getting very restless since Val's now partnered with sexy Shade, the shadow demon with the blond good looks of an angel. The second book in Parker Blue's Demon Underground urban fantasy series plunges readers deeper into a heady world of passion, friendship, intrigue and mystery. Parker Blue lives in the wilds of Colorado with her own faithful hellhound, and she's hard at work on the next Val Shapiro book in the Demon Underground series. (From GoodReads)

Try Me, the second book in the Demon Underground series, begins days after the end of Bite Me. The tough, yet vulnerable, Val Shapiro is once again having a crisis of conscience. Believing that she will be forever ruled by her inner succubus Lola, Val feels she will forever be on the outside looking in.  Val’s co-workers in the SCU are suspicious of her part-demon nature. And once again, she has to prove that being part demon does not make her evil. Now that she and Dan are on the outs, Val decides it is time to move on with someone new.  That someone new happens to be Shade, a shadow demon. Shade is able to help Val control Lola, which turns out to be a win-win situation.  The Demon Underground is now working with Alejandro’s New Movement group to find out who is poisoning the vamps. Just another day in the life of a part-demon vampire slayer!
Once again, I love reading about Val Shapiro’s crazy life! Val is just a really fun character to read. On the outside, she’s tough, snarky and sarcastic. She’s The Slayer. But, of course, on the inside Val is unsure of herself, always feels she will be alone. Val’s real feelings are told mostly through the interaction between her and Fang, her loyal (and hilarious) hellhound. I honestly adore Fang! He’s without a doubt my favorite character in the series. He always calls Val on her bull. Their verbal sparring is priceless.
I really like that the Demon Underground world is being expanded. All of the different types of demons and what they do has really made this book interesting. The character of Shade has been a nice addition. He’s a nice, straightforward, although swirly, guy! The sexual chemistry and tension while he helps her control Lola has been hot. Try Me left us with a super-surprising ending in regards to Val’s powers and her future, a perfect setup for book three, Fang Me.

*I received Try Me via NetGalley*


  1. Oooh this one looks good!! I didn't see it on NetGalley! I must look again!

    The Bookish Brunette

  2. So I found you via the Book Reviewers Weekend Club even though it's not the weekend lol. Your review is interesting and the book sounds really good, it very clear you liked it. Was there anything you disliked about the book?

    I have a net galley account too, but I'm so far behind on the indie reads I promised to review that I'm afraid to request anything from it lol.


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