Monday, May 16, 2011

Review of Rick Frost and the Alaskan Adventure

It was supposed to be an adventure in the wilds of Alaska, a test of manhood for all the 14, 15, and 16-year olds signed up on the school trip. But the whole prepackaged thing was nothing more than a long hike through some pretty trees. That is until Rick Frost and his friend Ben Nakni see a plane about to crash into the forest. A real adventure has just found them.
The only survivors of the crash are Robert Blair and his daughter Alexis, who just happens to be the hottest teen actress in Hollywood. She was on her way to make a movie in the Katmai National Forest when the unthinkable happened. Rick and Ben pull Robert and Alexis out of the wreckage just as a team of assassins arrive to finish the job.
The crash was no accident. Someone wants Alexis Blair dead and that puts Rick Frost in the cross hairs. He wanted an adventure; he got a wild ride through the unforgiving wilderness of America's last frontier.
America, meet the newest action hero to arrive on the literary scene: Rick Frost! –From 
  Rick Frost and the Alaskan Adventure is the first book in a new series by Todd Bush.  The book/series centers around Rick Frost, a 14-year old prep school student. Rick’s life-long best friend, Ben, is his loyal sidekick and comic relief.  Rick and Ben, are on a school trip in the Alaskan wilderness, when they see a plane spiraling out of control.  Rick and Ben set out on their own hoping to find survivors, and adventure. Turns out, they will find more adventure than they could have dreamed of. The boys discover a spoiled Hollywood starlet, Alexis Blair and her father, Robert. Not only does the group have to survive their hostile surroundings, but also a band of ruthless mercenaries. Let the adventures begin!
  This book gets off to a fast, adventurous start. And the action and witty dialogue never lets up. Rick and Ben are so funny and honorable, you can’t help but love them. Alexis is entitled and haughty, but also has a vulnerability lurking under the surface.  Rick and Ben are totally unimpressed by the pampered princess, and usually put her in her place with sarcasm.  The author, Todd Bush, did an incredible job in writing these characters. Rick, Ben and Alexis are fully fleshed out.  They are so well-developed, I felt Bush knew each character down to their core. In fact, each aspect of this book appears to have been well-thought out. The action scenes were so real, the scenery description so vivid, I could actually picture the scenes in my head as a movie.
  Rick Frost and the Alaskan Adventure would be an excellent suggestion especially for pre-teen and teen boys. But, honestly, I think anyone would enjoy this book. The fast pace, witty dialogue and well-written characters are universally appealing.  The book is not very long, 164 pages, perfect for a lot of young readers. So if you’re up for the adventure, read Rick Frost and the Alaskan Adventure, available now. The next book, Rick Frost and the Sword of Calibum is due later this summer.
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  1. Todd's a great writer. I'm reading this book now, and look forward to getting back to it :)

  2. As you can tell by my review, I really enjoyed it, too. Definitely looking forward to Book 2.


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