Monday, November 3, 2014

Short and Sweet Review: The Science of Attraction by Verity Jacobs

The Science of AttractionSeries: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Pub
Publication Date: 5/26/14
Format: ebook
Pages: 203
Source: Author
Rating: 4 stars

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Kate Ramsey is at the top of her game.She’s the hot new recruit at the most prestigious research institute in Germany, and she’s determined to live up to the hype — even if it means working day and night. Stress relief comes in the form of a no-nonsense affair with her neighbor, who also happens to be the director of the institute. Who says sex should be anything more than a contract between two people who have other things on their mind?

So when Tom Baker saunters into her life, Kate is understandably upset to see this well-oiled machine splutter and seize. Tom is young and smart, and far too pretty for his own good. Kate can’t help but be drawn to him, even if giving in to the attraction would mean risking everything she’s worked for. 
My Short and Sweet...

The Science of Attraction was such a fun read. Lately it seems that hot, nerdish, scientists are the new black. Or biker/rockstar, as it were. Not gonna lie, I think I can get behind this trend because you know what, smart and focused is HOT. Especially when the attention to detail is trained on you, amirite?
Ahem. So what we have here is a fun, sexy workplace romance between Kate and Tom, more than mildy complicated by her sometimes-but not serious boss/lover Rob. I know what you're triangle! Boo, hiss, ick! But really, there's not much of a triangle, especially when you experience the lust-turned-love between Kate and Tom.
The Science of Attraction was not only sexy, but fun! The lab the characters work at is full of cool characters with nerdy, sometimes really witty one-liners. It looks like co-worker Margot's story is up next, The Music of Temptation, and I'm really looking forward to following her adventures.

Favorite Quotes

  I felt my lips part as my chest heaved for air. Still smiling, he flexed his biceps slightly and shifted in his seat. "What?" he challenged.
  I fought back a smile, trying valiantly to find another place to look--finally settling on his eyes, which were now gleaming wickedly.
  "I'm a twenty-eight-year-old man sitting in front of an incredibly beautiful woman," he said. "This is my natural state."

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  1. The Science of Attraction sounds like a lot of fun, Andrea. And I think I can get behind hot nerds, too. I did marry one. ;)

  2. I am all about the nerdy and hot. I can definitely get behind this trend!

  3. I could totally get behind this new trend of hot nerds as well... this sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. I'm all for this trend because I'm a future scientist (hopefully) and smart is sexy! ;) I love the sound of this, Andrea! It sounds like a lot of fun. I would especially enjoy the lab setting!
    Great review! :)

  5. Baaahaha, I totally agree... I'm on board with this trend for sure! This sounds so fun. I've never heard of it before, but I'll definitely be checking it out now. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad there isn't too much of a love triangle; those can get very annoying after awhile. :)


  7. You know what's REALLY sexy? A hot, nerdy, scientist biker. Mmmm. They MUST exist.

  8. This really sounds like a fun read! I must say, I don't despise hot nerds at all! ;)

  9. You know I love sexy nerds, their take on the female anatomy is on a different and pleasurable level.


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