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Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along, just do as following:

·Grab your current read
·Open to a random page
·Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
·Be careful not to include any spoilers so as not to ruin the book for others.

Make sure to share the title and the author so other TT participants can add the book to their TBR piles.

Rocked Under (Rocked #1)Series: Rocked #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Cora Hawkes
Publication Date: 12/31/12

Falling in love isn't always easy or pleasant. The intense and angst-filled story of Emma and Scott is a painful, gut-wrenching and exhausting portrayal of how hard it can be to let go...

Nineteen year-old Emma Harrington’s number one rule is; Never give your heart away to a man, no matter what. That lesson was learned early on in her life and she will never forget it.

Starting over in the USA, Emma starts college with her cousin, Ashley. She is finally free to do and live how she wants and no man will ever rule her decisions or emotions again.

That is until Scott Mason walks on stage…

Intense, bad boy Scott is the lead singer in a local and popular rock band. Ladies man and Ashley’s longtime friend, Emma is instantly drawn to him, even though he is everything she hates and needs to stay away from in a guy. He treats females like he does a cigarette; light it, use it, and lose it.

For her cousin’s sake, she makes an effort to get along with Scott. She soon discovers that there is more to Scott which makes him even more dangerous in her eyes. Underneath the fa├žade of friendship; jealousy, obsession, fear and insecurities, fester and battle it out as she fights her attraction and history from repeating itself.

One thing she knows for sure is that if she breaks her rule, it may destroy her.

Warning: Contains mature content. Recommended age 17+

My Teaser ~

  "Hold it like this," he whispered close to my ear as he moved my hand into the right position.
  His breath tickled me, making a shudder run down my back.
  He paused for a second and I thought he had noticed. "And if you," he slid his hot hand under my thigh gently and lifted it for me until only my toes were touching the floor, "raise your knee, you can rest it here."
  "Okay," I whispered. It was all I was capable of saying with his hands all over me. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
  He took his hands away and rested them on my thighs. "Now try." His voice was gruff.  ~eARC, 25%

This is Scott teaching Emma guitar. I'm suddenly wanting to take lessons!
Tomorrow is my stop on the Rocked Under tour. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. Man! When I learned to play the guitar I don't remember it being like that.

    Enjoy the book.

    Check out my Tuesday meme post here

    ~Danica Page@Taking it One Page at a Time

  2. Now that is a tease! Glad you explained what was going on, cause I never would have guessed that haha

  3. I want lessons, too!! LOL! Great Teaser!! Here's mine

  4. Hawt teaser! I like the sound of this one! Thanks for sharing! Here's my teaser from Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. Happy Tuesday! :D

  5. Great teaser!! This book sounds hot and awesome!!

  6. I want to take guitar lessons to, at least if he is teaching them. Great teaser. Can't wait to read this.

  7. Oh my! I think I need to take guitar lessons as well. I never wanted to before but still. Darn what a great teaser.

    My Teaser

  8. Sign me up for lessons too! teaser

    Here's my TT

  9. Hot teaser. Sounds like she's getting lessons on more than guitar!
    My Teaser is from TEN TINY BREATHS.

  10. I totally have a soft spot for musicians. :) I'll take guitar lessons from him any day! ;)

  11. Oh always have the best teasers! I wish I were made of money and time!


  12. HA HA, for a moment there I thought it was something entiiiirely different ;-)
    I really like your teaser, I want this book .. NOW!
    My Teaser

  13. And that, my friend, is how you tease! LOVE it! So hot - must read this book soon!! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my teaser ;)

  14. That was one hot teaser! Sign me up for lessons.

  15. Scott can definitely teach me how to play guitar anytime!


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