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Baby, it's cold outside! Time to snuggle up with a mug of hot chocolate (or a glass of wine!) and fall into a steamy, sexy book.
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Unwrap MeGenre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: 11/13/12
Format: ebook
Pages: 55
Source: Purchased

This year, Christmas comes early for grad-student Peyton Wagner. Being asked to T.A. a handful of classes may not be cause for celebration for her classmates, but for Peyton, it is. Not only will it ensure a snazzy recommendation from her professor at the end of the term, but it keeps her out of her Podunk town—and away from her abusive ex, Blake Hunter. Now that's a holiday miracle.

But as Peyton soon discovers, some miracles come with unexpected and deliciously tempting surprises. And when her past and present collide in a shocking yuletide twist, Peyton has to choose between playing it safe with her mended heart, or risking it all for the chance at a new future . . . and the gift of true love.

Unwrap Me is the first in a series from Carolina Jordan and Samantha Spencer for Swoon Romance.
As soon as I saw Unwrap Me, I just had a feeling it would be a great fit for me. I'm loving these great Christmas romances and this one definitely made me a happy lady.

Unwrap Me is a very short story, GoodReads had it listed at fifty-five pages. Therefore, the story moved very quickly. In a smart move by the authors the story is about two characters, Brody and Peyton, who have known each other for quite some time. This helped give the story some added depth, without feeling like you've jumped into the middle of a story, or feeling rushed.

Unwrap Me was such a sweet story. It was charming and flirtatious, without being overly sexy. Oh sure, the characters have a definite, strong connection, but the bulk of the story is a slow burn. The charm was in the knowing, or at least hoping, the characters would make their way into one another's arms and hearts. When the heat really turns up, it is pretty darn steamy without being overly graphic, for those who prefer their steam to not be scalding hot.

Looking for a Christmas gift to give yourself? Unwrap Me will leave you with a smile.

Favorite Quotes:

  "Don't move," Brody said, leaning across the table. He stretched his arm out and slowly rubbed his thumb above her top lip, his lips twitching into a side grin. A shiver of electricity ran through her. He drew his thumb back and held it up. A line of whipped cream traced the skin on his thumb. Her pulse jumped. Worse, was the visual burst into her head of her licking his sweet skin right then and there at the table. Shit. She knew the whipped cream was a bad idea.

  "You're the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for."
  He paused, a sly smirk sliding up onto his gorgeous face. He raised a dark eyebrow and leveled her with a heated stare. "Then unwrap me." 

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  1. I want to get this one!! It's not on B&N so I haven't gotten it yet, but I intend to soon. It's short so I won't mind reading it on my kindle app on my phone. I have been really into the holiday reads this year too. I just read Secret Santa Baby and am almost done with If You Believe In Me. I also started Baby It's Cold Outside! Love me some good Entangled romance books!!!

  2. Ooh sizzling one there. Nice review and def going to check this out.

  3. Sounds like a fun, "quickie" -no pun intended ;D

  4. Now I am singing Baby it's cold This sounds like a fun, smexy read!


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