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Welcome to The Bookish Babe's stop on the My Merlin Series Blog Tour! The tour is being hosted by AToMR Book Tours. You can find the complete tour schedule here. My stop includes a review of My Boyfriend Merlin (book one) and giveaway.

My Boyfriend Merlin (My Merlin, #1)Series: My Merlin #1
Publisher: Ink Lion Books
Publication Date: Dec 1, 2011
Format: Paperback
Pages: 305
Source: Received from author for review.
If you can't trust your boyfriend, who can you trust?

In this modern Arthurian, 17-year-old nice girl Arriane, aka Ryan, DuLac just found out her badass biker boyfriend, Matt, is a little older than he was letting on. By a few eons.

In fact, he is really Merlin--the Merlin, King Arthur's Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived. But Ryan's not impressed. Tired of being a relationship loser, she'd rather kick his legendary behind.

Sure, the world has been crazy ever since the sword and the stone fell out of the sky like a meteor. But despite gruesome gargoyles, a new world of magic, and the guy driving her crazy, Ryan knows that family is everything. Will Merlin sacrifice hers to save the world? Will she be able to stop him?

My Boyfriend Merlin had a very cool premise, centered around magic, mystery and Merlin. Yes, that Merlin. When the Sword in the Stone reappears, Merlin, or Matt as he's known these days, sets out to guide a group of candidates to discover which is the heir to Excalibur. One of the candidates is Ryan, his ex-girlfriend. Ryan, who never knew magic existed, is a little upset about Matt's true identity. To top that, when she's taken to wizard school, she must also contend with a contentious face from Matt's past, and will end up not only learning to use magic, but discovering her own heart.

I found My Boyfriend Merlin to be a clever and fun story. Anyone who is a fan of, or new to, Arthurian legend will surely enjoy it. You have wizards, a touch of Greek myth, gargoyles... even royalty. I really enjoyed the characters. Ryan was sweet, smart, and realistically written. Matt, Van and the rest of the kids at the school were fun, snarky, and exciting. The romantic aspect of My Boyfriend Merlin was surprising. I didn't really expect one of the boys to be a viable candidate for Ryan's heart, but he was and that made the story all the more interesting.

I did like My Boyfriend Merlin, though, I found myself losing focus throughout the middle of the story. And though I think this is a story most would enjoy, I feel it would be a great fit for the "younger" YA readers. Because of this, I will be donating my review copy to Val at Stuck in Books' classroom. My Boyfriend Merlin lives on!

Full of magic and adventure, My Boyfriend Merlin will take you on an exciting journey.

Favorite Quote:

  "His words caused a warm flush. 'You really think Matt would do that? For me?'
   Vane stiffened. 'Do I look like I want to be involved in your teen love saga? Ask someone who cares.
   'Did you recently turn into a jerk or have you been one since birth?' I retorted.
   'Since birth.' With a quick twist of the boot heel, he turned back toward the festival. 'But enough flirting. Let's get this started.' " (pg. 189)

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  1. The premise sounds good and it does seem to be a book for younger readers so I think I'll pass .. But thank you for the great review Andrea :)

  2. Thanks for participating in the tour! <3

  3. I like the different aspects this book brings; Greek mythology and wizards! And also the romance aspect also has me intrigued! A lovely review Andrea and thanks for putting this book on my radar! :)

  4. Great review. I love mythology and fantasy, so this was a fun book, the second one was even better. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It sounds good, but I don't know if it's a book I would want to read. I do love mythology though so I may like it!! Great review!!

  6. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for hosting My Merlin today! Glad you enjoyed the book.

    I would agree Book 1 can fit 14 and older. Book 2 leans more toward older YA (delves heavily into Greek mythology) as does Book 3. (The reading level, I would say, progresses as the characters do going through the journey...)

    Hope you enjoy it!


  7. This one looks cute! Thanks for sharing.


  8. It sounds like an interesting read, I'm always down for anything with Greek mythology. I think I'll recommend this to my sister since you say it's younger YA. Thanks for the review.

  9. Sounds cute. Interesting premise too. I see above that Priya says that series matures and features more Greek mythology. I might have to check it out.


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