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Review ~ FRAGILE, by M. Leighton

Her heart, as delicate as glass. His love, as strong as steel. Can either survive life and death? Hardy Bradford is an eighteen year old football phenomenon who has the girl, the school, the town and the future in the palm of his hand. His life is all mapped out for him, right down to who he’ll marry and how he’ll become a professional football player. It doesn't seem to matter that Hardy would’ve chosen a much different life if it was up to him. But it's not. At least not until his Miracle comes along. The first time Hardy laid eyes on Miracle St. James, he didn’t know who she was, but he knew she was something different and that he’d never get her out of his head. And he didn’t. Now, months later, Hardy’s world is turned upside down when Miracle shows up in his class, stealing his heart and forever changing the course of his life. Miracle’s sick. Very sick. And Hardy might be losing the only thing in his life that has ever mattered. How much is too much to sacrifice for the one you love? For just a little more time? For just one more chance? Can Hardy be the hero Miracle needs? Or is it Hardy that needs saving? ~From GoodReads

"Miracle made his heart hurt. But she also made it fly."
(pg 48)

The first and most prevalent thought that comes to mind when I consider FRAGILE is sweet. From beginning to end, this was a charming, thoughtful, and sweet story.

It took me approximately 2.5 seconds to fall in love with Hardy. The story is told from his point-of-view, which I love. And I've noticed I'm not the only reader who is drawn to the male perspective. Why is that? Maybe because it's different, a change from the norm. I think it's because it's nice to pretend that we really know what a guy thinks. Especially if that guy is like Hardy. Wow. He is the perfect book boyfriend. He was thoughtful, generous, romantic, handsome...pretty much the guy your parents want you to marry, who you would want your daughter to marry. But even with Hardy's wonderful attributes, I never found him boring, simply swoon-worthy.

And Miracle. She is exactly as you would expect with a name like that. She walks into Hardy's life and shifts his entire world. She wakes him from a deep sleep. His entire world was orbiting around someone else's dream and Miracle inspires him to strive for the life he wants. She's practically perfect, but not in an off-putting way. Miracle just happens to know what's truly important, and doesn't let herself be bothered or distracted by the trivial.

FRAGILE is an intimate yet powerful story. The world revolves around Hardy and Miracle and their journey. There aren't any huge events, but that doesn't mean it's not gripping. Author M. Leighton has a way of  enveloping the reader into the story, bringing you in and investing you in the outcome. There were a few moments that caused my breath to hitch and tears to my eyes (pg 223).
FRAGILE put me in mind of A WALK TO REMEMBER (the movie, I never read the book.). So if you love stories like that, you'll love FRAGILE.

Favorite Quote:

"Maybe it's because of what you've been through. Maybe it's just the way you were born. I don't know, but you're special, Miracle. You may not think you're perfect, but to some people, you're everything they've ever wished for, whether they realized it or not." (pg 212)

Published April 2012 by M Leighton Books

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Source:  Received from author as a gift.


  1. Sounds very cute and sweet. I do enjoy a male POV. I think it is because it is a bit different and I would love to think there are a few romantic guys still out there.

  2. This sounds like a very sweet book. I absolutely loved the movie A Walk To Remember, so I would probably love this book. Great review as always hon!!

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful review, Andrea, and for reading Fragile! I'm both grateful and humbled. Oh, and I love and adore you;) That is all.

  4. Thanks for putting this one on my radar! I am loving books like this at the moment so I certainly be checking it out. Awesome review!

  5. I'm adding this one to my wishlist :) !! Thanks for the review Andrea !

  6. I love sweet books.

    Male POV's are good because they are different. I like different as long as it's done right. I have read a few where I think to myself, "there is no way a guy would say or think that". but what do I know? lol

    great review darling. :)

  7. This sounds so sweet. I love the male POV. Maybe because we think we're finally getting a glimpse into what every teenage boy is really thinking or maybe we're just sick of the girls POV. lol

  8. I loved A Walk to Remember but didn't like the ending. I'm not sure this is for me if I don't get a HEA. I know that's not real-life, but I want my happy endings in my entertainment. :)


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