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Dark Days Blog Tour

Welcome to today's stop on The Childe/Dark Days blog tour! I'm very excited to be taking part in this fun event. Last Spring, I reviewed the first book in the series, The Childe. You can find my review here. Be sure read this entire post so you can find all the details about the tour (links, giveaways).

Surviving tenth grade is the least of Cat Colvin’s worries.

Cat Colvin wants more than anything to just be an “average” teenager and blend in, but having found out the secret of her adoption has Cat questioning her entire life. Unfortunately, there are much deeper and darker secrets being withheld from her that may prove to threaten her very existence. Cat will be forced to make a choice: stay in Astoria and possibly endanger all that she loves, or flee and hide amongst her kind.

Friendships will be tested, family bonds will be tried, and even Cat herself will be pushed to her limits both emotionally and physically; all while trying to maintain a somewhat normal relationship with her boyfriend Ryan. What is actually going on in the quaint port town of Astoria, and are Cat and her loved ones prepared for the dark days that loom ahead? Find out in this continuation to the “*…thrilling, unputdownable story,” The Childe.
~From GoodReads

What a fun read! Dark Days, book two in The Childe series by mother/son team CA Kunz, picks up where The Childe ends and takes off running.

Cat Colvin, dealing with the fallout of life-changing revelations, is understandably angry and confused, but knows she must quickly come around and come to terms with her new life. As usual, Cat is a charming main character. She feisty, brave and will do anything for her family and friends.

Speaking of family and friends, The Childe is filled with a large, invigorating supporting cast. Cat's parents, Sam and Rachel, are so much fun to read. They are generous, supportive, and sometimes a bit goofy, but always the type of parents you want on your side. Taylor, Cat's brother, was a much easier character to like in Dark Days. Where in The Childe he came across as a bit of a bully and intimidating towards Cat, here he is supporting and protective. Cat's circle of friends, including Julie, Amanda, Matt and Elle, are as before, a great comic relief. The banter between them served to lighten the mood and always dish out a smile.

And, of course, I must talk about Ryan. As Cat's boyfriend, he is a dream. What a nice guy! I love, LOVE when the love interest is just a great guy, in general. Sure, he can be a bit secretive at times, but he doesn't seem to have an ulterior motive or agenda. I look so forward to learning more and more about Mr. Ryan Beckford!

As for the story, Dark Days has so much going on. It is filled with many twists and turns, ongoing secrets and revelations. My favorite is the story behind the original Childe and the coven's relocation to Astoria. I was so happy to be able to read this little chunk of history!

Dark Days went to places I honestly didn't expect. The secrets, the danger, the consequences...everything is ramped up in this book. And the ending? Surprising, evil (good evil), and exhilarating are all words that come to mind. The last chapter will leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for more. Good times, for sure!

Favorite Quote:

"Ryan silenced her, kissing her senseless until she forgot what she was about to say. His hands brushed through her hair, making her heart speed up, and though the air from the ocean was cool, she felt like she was in a sauna."

Now for the Good Stuff!

Grand Prize Giveaway:
The Grand Prize is a Kindle Fire (I have one, trust me, you want it.)At every blog stop, once five (different) people have left comments, the authors will post a question in the comment section. The question will pertain to something in the post, so you must read carefully to find the answer. Once you've found the answer, you can submit it to But there are more ways to earn points. 

Here is the point break down:
For each post there will be 10 possible points to gain.
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Weekly Giveaway (5 in all):
Every week the authors will have a giveaway of one signed copy of The Childe and a swag pack to a random commenter on one of the blogs that week. The day and comment number will be known only by the authors, and it could happen on any day of the week and will be completely random.
Be sure to go to all the stops for more chances to win!

Blog Tour Schedule
 Sunday, Jan. 8thBooks Complete Me
1st Week:
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Tuesday, Jan. 10th Book Love AND Ash Talks Books
Wednesday, Jan. 11thBook Bite Reviews AND Intoxicated by Books
Thursday, Jan. 12thAmethyst Daydreams
Friday, Jan. 13thMundie Moms  AND Fiktshun
 2nd Week:
Monday, Jan. 16thReading Away The Days AND Jowanna Reads
Tuesday, Jan. 17thBlethering Book Worm AND Reading Lark
Wednesday, Jan. 18thKatelyn Torrey
Thursday, Jan. 19thBookish Babes
Friday, Jan. 20thMundie Moms AND Me and Reading
 3rd Week:
Monday, Jan. 23rdMe Myshelf and I  AND Insane About Books 
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Wednesday, Jan. 25thBlethering Book Worm  AND Words 2 Follow
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Monday, Feb. 6thAmethyst Daydreams  AND Reading Away The Days
Tuesday, Feb. 7thInsane About Books
Wednesday, Feb. 8thAll Things Books
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Saturday, Feb. 11th Books Complete Me


  1. can't wait to read dark days. Loving the blog tour

  2. Lovin' the tour,loved The Childe n sure I'm gonna love Dark Days! Tina aka twilightgrandma

  3. Great review! Thank you for being part of The Childe blog tour! So excited for Dark Days too!

    Thank you to all our blog hop followers!!!

  4. The blog posts every day are so fun and they just get me even more pumped for these books! Keep up the good work everyone!!/MandibleLewis/status/160033983411929089!/werenotstupid/posts/213460732078527

  5. The more I read about how much the reviewers like this series, the more I want to skip work & devour it. Unfortunately, I need to work in order to afford my book habit, so I'm trying to be patient. I did finally finish the book that was preventing me from starting The Childe last night, so tonight I will be deep in Cat's world.

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  6. I haven't read the first in the series, but it sounds like a great book. As always a fantastic review!!

  7. I didn't fully read your review.. I stopped when I realized its' for book 2. I havne't read book one.

    love the cover though, she's got some crazy ass hair! lol

  8. Spoilers! Spoilers! Have to read the first book first!

    1. I don't *think* there are any spoilers. I could be wrong...

  9. Wow! You guys got to 5 comments in record time :D We turned our heads and then there were 8! So here is your Kindle Fire giveaway question:

    According to this reviewer, why is Taylor an easier character to like in Dark Days (compared to The Childe)?

    Remember to send your answer to

    Thank you all again for commenting and showing your support for us, our work, and this tour! You're all AWESOME :D

  10. Oh, I just got the first book in this series. I'm looking forward to reading it!

  11. Spoiler alert here!! Must not read further. Have to begin the series.


  12. That quote! I love it!!

    I keep forgetting to post my info for follwing each blog..oops time to go back and comment.

    but I have been following as Ishita aka Fishy for all the blogs and I follow as Ishita Singh for facebook

  13. I'm just getting into the tour.

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  14. I enjoyed reading the review. This book sounds very good.


  15. Oooh I've been wanting to read this series. Thanks a great giveaway!

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  16. I was late to comment this time. Your review is very beautiful.
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