Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along, just do as following:

·         Grab your current read
       ·         Open to a random page
       ·         Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
·         Be careful not to include any spoilers so as not to ruin the book for others.
Make sure to share the title and the author so other TT participants can add the book to their TBR piles.
This week's Teaser is from

Toby’s best friend, and unrequited love, Molly Harper has gone missing. Molly’s boyfriend, “Spud,” thinks he knows where she’s been taken: the mysterious Zombie High, where Spud’s father just happens to be in charge of the top-secret medical facility famous for its work rehabilitating teenage zombies.

Armed with blueprints, passwords, keys and codes, Spud and Toby are ready to make an all-out assault on Zombie High and rescue their fair Molly. There’s just one problem: Toby and Spud are the biggest wimps at Cypress Cove High and need some muscle along for the ride in case any of the zombies get loose.

That’s where Boner and Zack come in. Two of the football team’s biggest players, the jocks are easily conned into joining Spud and Toby on their fictional “panty raid” the minute Spud calls them “chicken” for not accepting his challenge to spend the night at Zombie High.

When Zack and Boner show up to accept the challenge, however, they don’t come alone; they bring their two girlfriends, Lilac and Haley, along for the ride. With events spiraling out of control and zombies lurking around every corner, will Toby and Spud even survive their night at Zombie High, let alone rescue Molly?

My Teaser ~

"But Spud looks so confident, and the guys are acting cool, and the chicks are fairly hot I the 
 only fool here? Does no one else care that a rabid, brain-eating zombie could jump out from behind
 the building at any moment and suck our brains out of our skulls like the last scoop of three-alarm 
 chili from the bottom of the bowl?"
Kindle Edition
Published October 26th 2011 by Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
You can purchase Panty Raid at Zombie High at:

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  1. Awesome teaser I was engrossed in it.

    Here is mine of you get chance

  2. Ooh, keeping my eyes peeled for that Zombie!

    Here's MY TT POST and

  3. Great teaser! I think I might look up this book! :)

  4. I'll have to check that book out :)

    My teaser is here.

    Wit and Sin

  5. I love the cover. I think I may have to check out this book. Sounds fantastic! Here's my TT

  6. Great teaser! I haven't read this one yet, but I am definitely checking it out now - thank you for sharing! :)

    Here's mine:

  7. I haven't seen this one before but I'm lovin' the cover! I take it that it's a funny book? I've been wanting to read a funny zombie book.

    Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

  8. I'm not a zombie fan, but I really love that cover! LOL

    Thanks for visiting Letters Inside Out

  9. Hahah this one looks really awesome!!! I'll definitely have to check it out!!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  10. This is a great teaser! Haven't heard of this one, but it sounds really interesting. :)

  11. This book sounds so good! I have been wanting to read this one, Zombies Don't Cry, and I am waiting on Vamplayers! Rusty's books all sound so good! Thanks for sharing, now I just want to read this one more!

    My Teaser Tuesday

  12. I've not seen this book before. It looks like a fun read. Thanks for stopping by to see my teaser.

    Marcie for To Read or Not To Read

  13. I didn't know zombie's did that! I'd better watch out for them.

    Here's ours:

  14. This reminds me of High School of the Dead, which is an anime that I did not like. But, if this is a comedy, then that'd be a better way to handle it. Not the more serious take on panty-shots and brain-eating zombies. It needs to be comedic!

  15. With characters called Boner and Spud... gotta be funny!

  16. This is a great teaser -made me want to keep reading! I love the cover, although it makes me wonder about the book even more since it seems like an odd choice for a zombie book! :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog:D

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  17. This looks like a fun read! Normally I can't do zombies, but I may give this one a go :) Great teaser!

    My Teaser

  18. LOL... ok the cover and title totally made me laugh. This. is. awesome. And it sounds like it could be really funny too. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday! :)

  19. Ha! I love your teaser. So freaking funny! Hope you are enjoying your read!


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