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Welcome to The Bookish Babe's stop on the Undeadly Blog Tour. The tour is being hosted by Shane at Itching For Books. My stop includes my review and a tour-wide giveaway.

Undeadly (The Reaper Diaries, #1)Series: The Reaper Diaries #1
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publication Date: 11/20/12
Format: eARC
Pages: 272
Source: Received from publisher for review.

The day I turned 16, my boyfriend-to-be died. I brought him back to life. Then things got a little weird...

Molly Bartolucci wants to blend in, date hottie Rick and keep her zombie-raising abilities on the down-low. Then the god Anubis chooses her to become a reaper-and she accidentally undoes the work of another reaper, Rath. Within days, she’s shipped off to the Nekyia Academy, an elite school that trains the best necromancers in the world. And her personal reaping tutor? Rath. Who seems to hate her guts.

Rath will be watching closely to be sure she completes her first assignment-reaping Rick, the boy who should have died. The boy she still wants to be with. To make matters worse, students at the academy start turning up catatonic, and accusations fly-against Molly. The only way out of this mess? To go through hell. Literally.

With a spirited, snarky main character and a fun take on zombies and reapers, Undeadly is a fast and fun ride.

Undeadly is a book that I've been looking forward to for a long time. I loved the cover, loved the synopsis and was excited to dive into the story.  I found the story to be really fun, unique and a bit quirky. The thing is, I'm not a big zombie fan. But in this book, the zombies, and all of the supernatural beings were given a lighter spin. So I enjoyed the story for the very reason hardcore zombie lovers might have not. Also, I loved the world of necromancers and Egyptian history that Vail created. It was in-depth and creative, without feeling like a huge amount of info to work through.

Another reason that Undeadly worked for me was the dialogue. Molly talked like a true teen. Now that I really think about it, she sounded a lot like my friends and I did in the 90s. I found the fact that she dealt with the upheavals in her life with sarcasm instead of despair to be sort of refreshing.

My review would be lacking if I didn't mention the two men of Undeadly, Rick and Rath. Rick was a sweetie, but I would have liked a bit more to his and Molly's relationship to form a better connection with him. Rath was great, sexy and mysterious. Again, I would have liked to have had waaayy more of Rath in Undeadly, but am hoping to get that in book two.

Overall, I liked Undeadly. Like I've said (probably too many times!), it was a fun journey. Molly was left at the edge of a big discovery and I'm interested to find out what happens next.

Favorite Quote:

  "We were thigh to thigh, chest to chest, and breathing hard.
  'Pretty good, Molly,' he said. His breath ghosted over my cheek. 'But not good enough.'
  'Just you wait,' I said. I struggled, trying to wiggle out of his grip, but he was strong and in a primo position.
  'Stop,' he said softly.
  I did.
  Something in his eyes had changed --going from glittering fury to...well, I wasn't sure. It was still a dark emotion, tormented almost. The tensioin thrumming between us shifted. It was still physical, just more intense. And confusing.
 'You really are beautiful,' he murmured."   (eARC, 56%)

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Michele VailMichele Vail writes young adult paranormal fiction about zombies and reapers.

She likes reading, dogs, cats, board games, ghost-hunting shows, and Halloween. She believes in magic, in the impossible, and in the restorative powers of chocolate.

Michele lives happily-ever-after with her Viking and their family.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your favorite quotes...I really liked them. Thank you for doing a giveaway.

  2. I really enjoyed this one as well. I was kind of expecting a more dark, series, mature book but I thought it was fun the way it played out. Molly did seem like a realistic teen to me. My friends and I still sometimes use really crazy made up slang lol Would have like to get to know Rick and Rath more but hopefully in the next book.

  3. I really wanted to enjoy this one, but unfortunately I couldn't get into this one at all. Maybe because I like the darker side of zombies, like you pointed out. I'm happy you fared much better with it!

  4. I am glad you enjoyed it and while I liked aspects of it..Molly got on my nerves. LOL

  5. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this Andrea. I just couldn't get into it and it made sad because I really wanted to. I have been looking forward to this book since last year. Like Jenni I like the darker creepy zombies so the lighter theme wasn't as appealing maybe. I loved the idea of Egyptian myth and I really liked how everything was explained well though. Fab review hon!

  6. Great review. I would have liked to have seen more action between Molly and Rath, and hopefully the sequel will have that. I thought it was a cute book, especially something young teens would enjoy.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! I like a few others just couldn't get into it. It also was too similar to other favs of mine, Mythos Academy & House of Night. I agree about the *teen talk*. I found Molly's voice/narration very enjoyable and realistic. Although, I got a little tired of the whatevs after the third time. Haha.

  8. YES!! I am so glad that you enjoyed Undeadly too! I thought I was the only one that Molly didn't bug. I thought she talked like a true teen too.

    Great review!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  9. I want to read this! Good to hear that you liked it.

  10. loved the quotes, the book sounds awesome, can't wait to read it!!

  11. You really shouldn't wiggle when you are in such a precarious position lol

    Love that cover.

  12. I too am interested to see where the story goes but I couldn't bring myself to love this book. I just thought it needed more. Idk I'm probably just being a pain. But I agree I would have liked more Rath. I feel like I don't know him and I really want to. Lovely review!

  13. Im pleased you enjoyed this Andrea, I started it a while back but put it down to start on something else,

    I have read some mixed reviews but the main negative appears to be Molly, I'll pick it up again soon :)

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful review!

  14. So excited for Undeadly! Great review and thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Haha, I haven't read this yet but Jenni from Alluring Reads didn't even finish it. It's nice to see you enjoyed it!

  16. I have been hearing mixed reviews UnDeadly, so I am glad you enjoyed this! I am very excited and curious to see how it turns out and really excited to learn more about all the supernatural in the story! Ohhhh...and Rath! Everyone loves him! LOL ;p Great Review! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair 

  17. I love zombies in YA fiction, so when you include zombies AND reapers AND romance, my excitement gets amped up to a whole new level! Stunning review, Andrea. :) I'm really pleased that you were a fan of this! But why must the giveaway only be for readers who live in the US? Booo.

  18. I have seen loads of reviews for this and they have been very mixed. The premise definitely sounds like my thing though. Your positive review has me thinking I will maybe give it a shot if I see at the library.


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